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Monday, March 11, 2013

Mumbai New York Scranton

Tamara Shopsin's Mumbai New York Scranton grabbed my attention with its premise: A tale in three cities about life, love, and discovery.

Tamara meets her husband in Mumbai for a whirlwind tour of India. It's an amazing and new experience, it's just too bad that she becomes ill while there. Don't drink the water, they say. When they return to New York she remains sick thinking that it's jet lag, the remains of her trip, etc. She and her hubby head off to Scranton where they have their second home. One night the pain becomes too much and Tamara heads to the doctor. Life will soon change.

I honestly can't give away any more detail than that. I was so happy that I walked into this book only knowing slight details because the shock and the emotional journey was so much more real than if I had suspected what was to come.

This book is full of pictures from their trips and Tamara's beautiful and simply drawn illustrations to help guide the story along. Sometimes there are no words--you need visual representation. I loved Tamara's intense search for meaning in all she does, and I love her imagery in her world. This was a lovely book.

For you! Kindle on left, hard copy on right.

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