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Friday, August 16, 2013

Between You and Me: A Novel

Oh, chick lit. You can certainly make me a happy camper sometimes. This is Between You and Me by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus.

Logan is just trying to make it post-college. She is working a job that doesn't fulfill her, she lives in a less-than-glamorous apartment, and she can't get her guy to commit no matter how hard she tries. When she is suddenly offered the opportunity to work as her cousin's assistant, she jumps at the chance. A Brittany Spears-like power star, Kelsey Wade is on a national tour--loved by the world but in desperate need of personal connection. As Logan works side-by-side with her cousin, she discovers that sometimes you have to let those you love pick themselves up--or you might just lose yourself.

This is the perfect lay-by-the-pool, sip-on-a-daiquiri, lounge and don't get up for hours unless you need a dip in the water novel. It required my attention the way a romantic comedy does--I was able to smile and giggle, shrug my shoulders at the antics, and generally enjoy myself. I revel in the ability to just accept a story as-is, and I loved that this was slightly over the top. It bought into every fantasy I have ever had of suddenly making it, becoming rich and famous and just generally fabulous.

It is easy to relate to Logan, always wanting to do the right thing yet never being able to please everyone. She takes the job with her cousin to rekindle the closeness they had as children only to discover that her aunt and uncle are still as crazy as they were years ago. Her uncle is no longer an addict; instead, he is addicted to managing Kelsey's career. There were times where I wanted Logan to strangle him just to get him to knock off his obnoxiousness, so I would say that he was a pretty well-developed character.

I was rooting for Logan to make the right decision, whatever that is. Sometimes the best stories are when there is no right decision. A lot like life, I might say. It's hard to let family unravel and be unable to fix it or make it better.

Kindle version on left, hard copy on right. 

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