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Monday, August 5, 2013

Save Yourself: A Novel

I was not expecting Save Yourself by Kally Braffet to be as haunting and spellbinding as it was. What a nice surprise!

Where is peace and acceptance when nothing ever seems to go your way? Patrick and Mike's father is in jail for a hit and run on a child--and Patrick put him there by calling the cops. On top of this, his relationship with Mike's girlfriend has become extremely  and inappropriately close. He is also being hounded by Layla, a rebellious youngster whose evangelical parents have made her life hell. Layla's sister, Verna, is having the worst time ever in high school--and she is desperately seeking a change. A collision course toward one another will end horribly wrong--and ruin lives in the process.

This book was dark. (I thoroughly enjoy dark books!) I had absolutely no idea where the book was going until the last chapter, and I was shocked by the ending. I truly didn't expect it. I feel like so many books I read I can kind of pick up on where things are going, and that's not all that bad most of the time. I have always been one that enjoys knowing the ending because I can logically fit the puzzle pieces in as I go along. But I was genuinely surprised when I figured out what was about to happen in this ending.

My favorite part of this book, though, was the pathos that Braffet lent toward her characters. Every single one of them had a fatal flaw but never once did Braffet make up excuses for them. They lived their lives exactly as they were with no apologies. They were each genuine and honest characters, and together they made this story that was crazy and unbelievable yet so true to life. People hurt, and then they continue to live their lives. It's beautiful and sad all at the same time.

Kindle version on left, hard copy on right.

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