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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Art of Racing in the Rain

The Art of Racing in the Rain was recommended to me by a dear friend, so of course I requested it right away from the library.  It was a great travel book.

Enzo is a dog who belongs to Denny, his master.  Denny is a race car driver, and he and Enzo are attached at their respective hips.  Denny gets married to Eve, has a baby named Zoe, and all the while Enzo stays wrapped in their lives.  When Eve becomes gravely ill things start to fall apart with their family.  How can they all emotionally survive?  And will things ever be all right again?

I really enjoyed this book, particularly the uniqueness of using the dog as the narrator's point of view.  It was interesting reading a story from the omniscient family pet--he sees all and hears all, yet he can not speak or participate in any audible manner other than sound, making him intriguing.

I also enjoyed the story about Denny and Eve's relationship, Eve's illness, and the evil that takes over families when control is so desperately needed.  Eve's parents take desperate measures when they find out their daughter is dying, much to the detriment of Denny's relationship, his daughter, and his career--not to mention his reputation.  This book is a great summer read and one you will probably highly enjoy as you kick back, grab a cold beverage, and enjoy a day in the sun.

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