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Monday, June 25, 2012


Idiotville: The Fools' Handbook for the 21st Century by Robert Kral sounded super fun when I read the blurb--I love a good social satire and am always up for a little mocking.

Idiotville is an everytown in an everystate in America.  Their residents lack common sense and often find themselves maimed or killed for their stupidity.  Each chapter follows different residents through their days in their lives of Idiotville leaving the audience with a clear picture of why they would never want to live there--but are glad the residents of Idiotville do for our entertainment and enjoyment.

I was pleasantly surprised by this book.  It had me chuckling on my train ride and getting funny looks from passengers.  I love a good satire, and Kral certainly has provided me with an enjoyable one.  The residents of Idiotville are not entirely unlike what we East Coasters envision middle America (that's not the Midwest people, it's more of a general wash of people who vote for the Presidential candidate with which they would most like to party).  My favorite moment in the book was a wedding ceremony between the town indigent and the mayor's daughter performed by a priest with Tourette's.  I can't give the scene away because it will ruin one of the most hilarious literary moments I have enjoyed this year.

You can pick up the Kindle version here for $2.99, or just head to Amazon to order a hard copy for less than ten bucks. 

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