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Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Complete Mystery of Matthew Alcott

Oh yes, my completely unhealthy obsession with Mormons.  I can't get enough.  That's where The Complete Mystery of Matthew Alcott comes in.  He is being chased by Mormons.  I love it.

Matthew Alcott is an excommunicated Mormon--kicked out of the church because he dared to question.  While working in the historical archives, Matthew comes across documents showing that Joseph Smith was the first playboy--obsessed with collecting wives and tampering down the rights of women within his religion.  When he publishes his book, he finds that he is not just hated--his life is in danger by some of the richest and most powerful men in the country.

I really enjoyed the premise behind this book--it was fun and the potential was very high for a non-stop, high adrenaline thriller.  The story is fascinating, looking at the archives and the Mormon church's (fictionalized or not) view on women and their rights.  However, there were many times when reading this book that I was highly confused about where action was coming from.  All of the sudden we would be in a new location or things would be happening that didn't connect to previous action, and I had to look past this in order to focus on the core of the story.

The subject matter is fascinating and the characters are so interesting.  In fact, I ended up having a dream that I was writing the book and the Mormon upper echelon was after me which then made me threaten to sell my cats to the Mormons.  So obviously this book affected me and caught my interest.

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