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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The First To Say No

The First To Say No by Charles C. Anderson sounded intriguing so I thought, "What the hey!"  Let's do this.

Kate Taylor is an emergency room doctor in Parkview, a city on the East Coast that saw a great decline until finally a gang, the Plagues, completely took it over.  The hospital itself has seen the worst of this violence--nurses beat to a pulp and candy stripers raped--all at the cost of letting their attackers go.  Kate and her colleague, Elita, refuse to allow this to continue happening.  Can they take back their town, and will their extreme measures help them win back their town or will they face a fate worse than that caused by the Plagues?

Overall this was a very suspenseful read and I was glad I picked it up.  I will forewarn you, however, that this book opens on a fairly graphic sexual assault and you should be prepared for this.  It's not so much a spoiler as it is a caution if you are sensitive to this type of material.  Anderson's characters are well-developed and have strong arcs, and I found them compelling enough to keep coming back to the story.  The story itself, while grounded in reality, is a bit fantastical, but I certainly enjoyed this aspect of it.  After all, if you are going to read a story about vigilante heroes, why not go big or go home, you know?

There were some issues I had with the writing; for instance, at times the author gets bogged down in telling his readers the details of cooking moonshine, for example, that it causes the story to stall.  It's not enough to stop me from telling you to read the book, but there were some specifics regarding health care that I glossed over--I just didn't need to know the specifics of medicine makeups.  The last conversation in the book was also very abrupt and unrealistic, but again, the story itself is more on the fantastical vigilante justice side of literature so just go with it.

You can get this on Amazon in both hard copy and for your Kindle.  Happy reading!

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